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Massage, physiotherapy and osteopathic therapy, acupuncture and luxurious spa treatments. Plus, our yoga & fitness studio. Only at Smithville’s own Breathe Wellness!

For pain relief, restoration and optimal health. Our therapeutic treatments are often covered by health plans. Treat yourself to a range of spa services (you deserve it!). Our Yoga & Fitness studio classes will get your heart pumping, and body toned. It’s time.






Yoga & Fitness

Physiotherapy Treatment Smithville Ontario

Wellness for Life

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Top practitioners at Smithville’s only centre offering complete of health, spa & wellness services.

Let the healing begin. Less stiffness, improved circulation & mobility, relaxation & stress reduction.

Osteopathic Manual Therapy  Improve mobility,  boost immunity & relieve pain to restore optimal body function.

Physiotherapy Recover from injury or illness faster, safely under the guidance of our physiotherapists for optimal physical mobility and health.

Acupuncture Therapy Acupuncture provides restorative benefits & pain relief. Add Tuina massage to stimulate and balance the flow of Qi (energy).

Endless Spa Treatments  Pamper yourself.

Hot Stone Massage
Aromatherapy Massage
Body Treatments
Salt Scrub Foot Treatment
Reiki Energy Healing
Indian Head Massage
Chakra Clearing & Activation

The Studio Yoga & fitness classes led by Niagara Region’s top instructors. Get your pose on!


Introductory Membership Deal!

$50 membership (yes!) for all new yoga & fitness students for the first month ($129 thereafter). UNLIMITED access to classes. Limited time offer.

“Whether you’re suffering from physical aches and pains or need to de-stress – you’ve found the right place. The name says it all. Breathe Wellness is my escape, where I can take a deep breath in an amazing environment…try it!”

Stephanie I., Client